Welcome to my MCT Portfolio, my name is Matthew A. McEwen.  I am currently a High School Social Studies Teacher at Bowling Green High School in Bowling Green Ohio where I teach Freshmen World History and Sophomore US History.  I have been teaching for 8 years total with 6 of those years at Notre Dame Academy in Toledo Ohio.  The following is a short video introduction of myself:

While I worked at Notre Dame Academy I was part of a small group of teachers that were used as consultants on the direction of the school in regards to technology use and implementation.  This work was very fulfilling for me and I hope that I can continue to take this kind of role at my current job at Bowling Green High School.

My personal goal with technology is to help educators and students out with the effective use of technology in the classroom and in life.  I have been achieving this goal by completing a Master’s degree in Classroom Technology from Bowling Green State University.  This site is a culmination of my efforts in working towards this degree.  My hope for the future is to be more involved with the technology planning and implementation of my schools Information Technology Department.

This site:  What I hope you will find on this site will be a collection of all of the works I have created and used in the pursuit of my understanding of technology.  I have created digital textbooks for students which are viewable on this site and through iTunes, audio versions of class that have been published on iTunes, many uses of Google Documents, and much more.  Through all of this I hope you will better be able to ascertain my level of understanding and knowledge when it comes to technology in the classroom in the 21st century. 

Contact Information:
Twitter:  @Mr_McEwen_Class

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Teaching and Leading Philosophy

Curriculum Vitae

Final Project: iBooks Workshop

Action Research: What makes prfoesional development effective



21st Century Skills